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  • New artists will need to schedule a time for orientation where they will bring art, label art, tour the space, sign up for staff training, review the sales process, etc...
  • Art chosen for display is based on it being sellable, hangable, & the space available
  • OAS has approximately 30 artists at a time
  • Artist leave artwork at their own risk - OAS is not liable for damage , loss, or theft
  • Artists must commit to a 3 month quarter term at a time (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec)
  • Space is limited so, artists are able to display more small and medium sized art and less large art
  • Artists keep all sales and pay monthly a flat rent rate based on how their art will be displayed: Wall = $90, Shelf = $65, Print Bin = $20, Card Rack = $5, Studio Spaces = $315 (rates are subject to change)
  • Wall & Shelf Artists get one complimentary card rack space
  • The gallery owner curates and chooses artists paces every 3 months
  • Monthly rent is always due the 30th of the month & you may pay for all 3 months in advance if you choose to do so
  • Rent must be paid electronically via Zelle or Venmo (no checks or cash)
  • Artists are paid electronically for sales weekly via Zelle or Venmo
  • Artists may bring in new art to fill sold art spaces anytime
  • New artwork for quarterly curating must be dropped off at the gallery during open hours on the last Sunday of the month
  • OAS has a monthly art reception/party on the First Friday of every month from 6pm-9pm and each artist is expected to help promote it via social media, email, texting, etc...
  • Artists are encouraged to attend First Friday events to promote their artwork but not required; if attending artists must bring at least one bottle of wine to contribute and can opt to add to the cheese board
  • OAS is open Thursday - Saturday 11AM-5PM & Sunday 12PM-4PM
  • Artists must staff two shifts per month or pay a $30 buyout fee & must abide by the OAS "Friendliest Art Gallery" mantra
  • Shift hours are: Th 11AM-2PM, Th 2PM-5PM, Fri 11AM-2PM, Fri 2PM-5PM, Sat 11AM-2PM, Sat 2PM-5PM, Sun 12PM-4PM
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