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Budding Artist Program

A Budding Artist (aka a "Bud") is someone who has a talent for creating art and a desire to sell it or become known in the community for it, but has little to no experience in doing so.


What is the Budding Artist Program?

The program is a one year membership at an affordable $25/month with opportunities to learn & improve upon the following: Understanding Who is your Client, Professionalism, Art Presentation, Communication, Demeanor and how it affects prospective clients, Ability to meet Deadlines, Pricing, Marketing, Networking, Organization and Follow-Ups, Promoting and Executing a Show

What does the program entail?

  • A GOAL ASSESSMENT & PLAN: A full assessment of the artists' current status so that we can make a 1year plan for their short term future goals while in the program, and in turn propel the artist to be able to be able to create a long term plan for their future goals after the program.

  • BI - MONTHLY MEET-UPS: One Hour Meet-Up Opportunities on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 10am-11am to discuss current events, pressing questions, & hot topics for education, inspiration, and implementation. Meetings are optional to attend, but recommended to make the most of your membership. Meeting highlights will be be emailed to all Buds. Buds may send a substitute to meetings if they cannot physically be present to attend.

  • A FIRST FRIDAY GUEST ARTIST APPEARANCE: Each Bud will choose a goal month to have art prepared and ready for display to sell as a special guest artist at a First Friday Art Party at Open Art Studios. This is a 3 hour pop-up show from 6pm-9pm. Guest Artists will be mentioned in the event description on marketing flyers and may invite anybody to attend. The set-up will be in the classroom area on easels and tables tops (the same room where the food is located during the event). There may be multiple guest artists in the same month.

  • AN ANNUAL BUDDING ARTIST RECEPTION: Once a year, the Buds will have with their own art show where each artist will showcase one to three special pieces of their art.


Complete the form and you will receive an email with your assessment questionnaire & a link for membership fee.

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